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We are a big bunch of social nerds that love people.  Smack in the middle of right-brained and left, we help bridge the gap between techno-lingo and the real world.  We are not only passionate about building beautifully branded websites that gain measurable results, we're also passionate about teaching business owners and entrepreneurs the newest technology and online marketing techniques needed to effectively grow their business.

Daun Jacobsen
Founder | Lead Consultant

I grew up in the Coeur D'Alene, Idaho area. My favorite part about me being in the Northwest is being in the mountains. I have many memories of spending weekends at the lake, water skiing and swimming. In the winter we did lots of snow skiing at local resorts. It's just the right size here to grow up not too big not too small I am definitely an extrovert. My first job was working at my family's business coaching gymnastics as well as working part-time in the office. I thought I was severely underpaid, LOL. But it taught me almost everything I needed to know in order to jump into entrepreneurship as a young adult. My proudest accomplishment is giving birth to my children and adopting my oldest son. Two of my pet peeves are being interrupted, and individuals who refuse to grow. The thing that motivates me to work hard is growth. The process of growing and learning new things, stretching, mastering a new skill, my children, my love of travel, seeing others reach their goals, and freedom of time.

Takali Omega
Chief Project Manager

I grew up in Minneapolis, San Diago and my favorite thing about it was Fig Newtons. I am in introverted extrovert. My first job was polishing brass, let’s just say I hated it. My favorite thing about where I live now is Daun and the kids are here. My proudest accomplishment is my music. My answer to my pet peeves is I have never seen a peeve, so I’m not sure how good of a pet they would be. What motivates me to work hard, setting goals!

Lauren Fleener
Graphic Designer

I moved all over the US. My family settled in TN when I was a teenager. I have currently resided in my home for almost 5 years which is the longest I have ever lived in one place. I like change. I can definitely be an introvert. I’m a little quiet, and like to listen. My first job was a lifeguarding and I gave swim lessons. I liked being outside and at the pool all day. Saved a few lives which was exciting. The job was hot and usually boring. I love where I currently live. There is everything you would ever want to do here as far as outdoor activities. I love to be outside. My proudest work related accomplishment is probably taking the step to start my own business. I have gotten to do many things on my bucket list, like illustrate a children's book, and get some of my artwork in a local gallery, as well as work with several local companies on different projects. My pet peeve is also a great motivation for me, I don't like things being unfinished. So I always work hard to make sure that my job is complete and done right.

Miranda Hoefert
Online Business Strategist

I grew up in South Dakota. My first job was working at Arby’s when I was 14. I worked the drive thew and developed a love for talking to people all day. It was great! becauseI love people. My passion is communication and supporting others. However, I need time to myself to recharge every once in a while.
I love Coeur d’ Alene because it has a small town feel, but it’s filled with people with big ideas and forward movement. I also love the weather and active lifestyle. I have a 4 year old daughter that is so smart! I feel blessed and inspired everyday from her. Another accomplishment for myself is that I recently jumped into full-time entrepreneurship! I'm finally doing what I love everyday and on my own terms. I'm goal oriented. If I understand the vision and the positive potential that will come of a project/person, then I'm all in. I will work my tail off to ensure we reach the goal.

Robert Nelson Jr

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