Miranda Hoefert
I grew up in South Dakota. My first job was working at Arby’s when I was 14. I worked the drive thew and developed a love for talking to people all day. It was great! becauseI love people. My passion is communication and supporting others. However, I need time to myself to recharge every once in a while.
I love Coeur d’ Alene because it has a small town feel, but it’s filled with people with big ideas and forward movement. I also love the weather and active lifestyle. I have a 4 year old daughter that is so smart! I feel blessed and inspired everyday from her. Another accomplishment for myself is that I recently jumped into full-time entrepreneurship! I'm finally doing what I love everyday and on my own terms. I'm goal oriented. If I understand the vision and the positive potential that will come of a project/person, then I'm all in. I will work my tail off to ensure we reach the goal.