Lauren Fleener
I moved all over the US. My family settled in TN when I was a teenager. I have currently resided in my home for almost 5 years which is the longest I have ever lived in one place. I like change. I can definitely be an introvert. I’m a little quiet, and like to listen. My first job was a lifeguarding and I gave swim lessons. I liked being outside and at the pool all day. Saved a few lives which was exciting. The job was hot and usually boring. I love where I currently live. There is everything you would ever want to do here as far as outdoor activities. I love to be outside. My proudest work related accomplishment is probably taking the step to start my own business. I have gotten to do many things on my bucket list, like illustrate a children's book, and get some of my artwork in a local gallery, as well as work with several local companies on different projects. My pet peeve is also a great motivation for me, I don't like things being unfinished. So I always work hard to make sure that my job is complete and done right.