Daun Jacobsen
I grew up in the Coeur D'Alene, Idaho area. My favorite part about me being in the Northwest is being in the mountains. I have many memories of spending weekends at the lake, water skiing and swimming. In the winter we did lots of snow skiing at local resorts. It's just the right size here to grow up not too big not too small I am definitely an extrovert. My first job was working at my family's business coaching gymnastics as well as working part-time in the office. I thought I was severely underpaid, LOL. But it taught me almost everything I needed to know in order to jump into entrepreneurship as a young adult. My proudest accomplishment is giving birth to my children and adopting my oldest son. Two of my pet peeves are being interrupted, and individuals who refuse to grow. The thing that motivates me to work hard is growth. The process of growing and learning new things, stretching, mastering a new skill, my children, my love of travel, seeing others reach their goals, and freedom of time.