Things YOU Can Sell Online

Things YOU Can Sell Online

Daun Jacobsen - Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Today, I want you to receive a clear message. Your knowledge and expertise is VALUABLE! Yes, believe it or not, you can create an “info-product” that is highly marketable and is valuable to your customers and your business. You are not only an entrepreneur; you are an “infopreneur!” The information is in you, you just need to learn a couple easy steps to funnel it so you can create numerous info-products as your business grows.

What are you passionate about?

Step 1: Choose a CLEAR and HELPFUL Instructing Topic

Your topic needs to be one:

  • You are excited about
  • You can easily explain
  • You can describe the benefits
  • You can present in a helpful way that others really understand

Be ready to position your product. Your product needs a distinct place in the market. You have to stand out from your competitors in your market!

You can position your product as:

  • The complete guide to…
  • An authoritative guide to creating your niche in…
  • The economical resource for…
  • The most interactive guide to…
  • Etc…

Does your product have a recognizable position?

Consider the following for your eProduct:

  • What customers don’t need more of
  • What your clients are not accustomed to seeing
  • The information your audience is lacking on your topic
  • The other resources and guides your consumers have already purchased

Step 2: Choose the Type of Info-Product

You must keep in mind what best fits your audience and your information

Here is an innovative list of info-products to help you get started:

(Some of these are online offerings, in person offerings, or both)

  • Individual or group coaching
  • EBooks
  • Conferences (live or pre-recorded)
  • Interactive workshops
  • Guide books
  • Subscription services
  • Informative/supportive communities
  • Workbooks
  • Courses
  • Memberships
  • Challenges
  • Digital templates
  • Consulting services

Ask yourself the following questions when you’re creating an info-product:

  • Which formats am I most comfortable with developing (this will help ensure success)?
  • What types of media make the most sense for the information I’m sharing?
  • How does my audience prefer to consume information?
  • Which formats will be quick and simple to create with the tools I currently have and what I am knowledgeable about?

Remember, it’s important to use one format for your info-product now. You can always create your product in multiple formats in the future!

It’s tempting to overthink the process of creating your product. Please don’t fall prey to that trap. Even if you create an info-product in a format that doesn’t seem ideal (to you), you can always re-purpose it later. Don’t talk yourself out of what you are passionate about and are knowledgeable about. Remember your knowledge and expertise are VALUABLE. If you don’t act on your idea and create your product, someone else will and they will be making your money. YOU have the information in you and now you have the steps to produce your info-product—happy creating!



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