Prepare Yourself For Tons Of Website Traffic

Prepare Yourself For Tons Of Website Traffic

Deb Martens - Thursday, February 23, 2017

Which gear are you driving in to get traffic to your website? To generate more business and sales from your online marketing efforts, your primary goal must be to drive more consumers to your website!  Simply put, low traffic means fewer potential customers and high traffic leads to more potential customers. There are several kinds of traffic (direct, organic, paid, and referral) but today I’m going to focus on an often-overlooked stream of traffic. One way to increase traffic to your website is to focus on referral traffic. What is referral traffic?


Referral traffic includes visitors who arrived at your website by following a link from another site. Keep these dynamics in consideration. Other websites can link your site from theirs as a relevant resource. If this happens, these clicks can drive traffic to your site as well as enhance your SEO. It’s beneficial if the sites linking to yours are considered authoritative on topics and have quality content. If you actively engage in linking your websites to sites with such credibility, there are two major benefits. You’re positioning your site as more accredited both to search engines and people who are browsing online.


The question remains, how do you generate more referral traffic to your website?


Check out the following four simple tips to kick into high gear to drive referral traffic to your site.



QUALITY CONTENT is the number one influencer to start having more leverage in search engines. If you want the big players (influencers) to link back to your website and drive referral traffic there, your content must be high quality and out shine the rest!



SOCIAL MEDIA Consistency, consistency, consistency is the most crucial element in engaging with your community and assists in driving referral traffic back to your website. Make sure to invest time in cultivating genuine relationships with your followers. Contribute quality content and present an unchanging brand voice.



ONLINE DIRECTORIES Don’t make the mistake of overlooking a very simple step of submitting your website to online directories. Do your research and submit your site to top directories in your local area and in your type of business (beware of spam directories).



GUEST POSTING Write guest posts for influential blogs and trusted media outlets in your particular industry. This allows you to build your brand. You’ll align your brand with authoritative leaders in your industry. Remember to pay it forward when you’re guest posting. Mention other influencers in your industry and link back to their sites. This will get you on their radar, as well, and you never know when you’ll be on the receiving end of paying it forward!


Applying these simple tips will assist in multiplying the number of visits to your website. Be ready to engage with more potential customers in no time!


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