Blueprint to Finding Your First 20 Paying Clients - Part 1

Blueprint to Finding Your First 20 Paying Clients - Part 1

Daun Jacobsen - Monday, October 31, 2016

How many people do you know who REALLY TRULY enjoy pushing their products and selling their services to people they don’t know? Come on, honestly, it doesn’t matter what personality type you are whether you categorize yourself as extroverted, introverted, or somewhere in between (ambiverted), not many of us get super excited to recruit clients! Yes, we all know that we must engage in a number of recruiting methods in the beginning of a new business, product launch, and new service. I don’t know about you, but I know my attention span doesn’t seem to last very long when it comes to this. How does one go about long term client acquisition? Go grab a cup of coffee, a pen, and paper and get ready to learn 10 tips to getting your first clients!


Actively Engaging and Retaining New Clients

  1. Get the word out to FRIENDS and FAMILY in a GENUINE way!  Ok, don’t write me off yet. I realize this may seem like an obvious way to promote your business. However, pause for a moment. Do you take time to write a personalized message to each person? Yes, this will take some time but the return is powerful. Just think about how you feel when you receive a personalized and purposeful message from someone (you know how you can detect a “form” letter a mile away). Make sure each time you reach out, you include:
    • Start out with a personal note that lets someone know this isn’t the same message hundreds of other people received; connect with the person on an interest, a recent trip, about family, or something he/she needs
    • A clear and brief description of the work you are doing and why you’re so passionate about it
    • How can that person help you out? List the ways: referrals, passing on your information (including website), inviting others to an event, etc.
    • A sincere “thank -you” for the person’s time in reading your message and in helping you any way they can

Drawing a blank on reaching people outside of your address/phonebook and Facebook friends? Take a moment to brainstorm and think of people in these areas:

  • Groups you belong to (professional associations, church, community clubs, sports)
  • Your spouse’s or family connections
  • People you volunteer with
  • Former workplaces
  • Friends of your friends
  • Former school colleagues

I think you’ll be quite surprised how willing people are to help you. They desire for you to succeed. Make sure to give people as many tools as possible and show how grateful you are for their time. Whatever action they may be completing on your behalf is a HUGE GIFT!


Think Collaboration!

2. Team up with a well-established brand/provider in the same field as yours to take on a much larger project together. Be sure to offer your services to them as an independent contractor. For example if you’re a business coach, partner with another coach to work with a large organization. There’s power in partnership!

3. Team up with an established brand in a complementary field.  If you’re a social media strategist, team up with the business coach like the example above to help clients with a full online presence.

Go Back to the Basics

4. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken! It’s time to do some good, old -fashioned advertising.

  • Facebook ads (which can be targeted to a person’s location, habits, interests, and preferences)
  • Specific Facebook groups
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google/Yahoo!/Bing
  • Craigslist
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Promotional items such magnets and key chains, if applicable
  • Blog/Website ads
  • Etc.

5. Search Craigslist for people looking for services in your field of expertise. Craigslist offers much more than just listing your services. There are people looking for someone just like you! Go to Craigslist and find them. Remember much of the work people need can be done virtually, so make sure to search through a few cities.

You now have the first five tips to acquiring your initial 20 clients. You have a lot to put into place and I know you can do it! Stay tuned to our next blog post for the final five tips.

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