20 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Likes Part 2

20 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Likes Part 2

Deb Martens - Monday, May 29, 2017


In my last post, I shared with you 12 ways to increase your Facebook likes. Have you applied any of the tips? How is it going for you? If for some reason you missed part one, be sure to go back and catch up. Today, I will share eight more tips to keep increasing those likes.


13.  Promote In Your Bricks And Mortar Location: We can get pre-occupied with focusing on promoting our likes through social media platforms and online presence. A great way to increase your likes is to put up flyers at your place of business or print it on the bottom of all your receipts. Remember it’s all about VISIBILITY!
14.  Pre-Schedule Your Posts: I know how taxing and time consuming it can be to ensure you have content always ready to be posted. Consistency is crucial in marketing your business. If you’re not using a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer, there’s no time like the present to begin. Believe me, using a scheduling tool will take a lot of pressure off of you! Don’t forget to include your call to action to like your page on your posts.
15.  User-Generated Content: In the same gesture of relieving some of your pressure for producing and posting content, it’s powerful to share your customer generated content. Using their comments about your products/services shows just how much you value their feedback. In addition, it lessens your load of creating more content. Current and potential customers will appreciate your engagement!
16.  “Exit” Pop-Up On Your Website: Adding an “exit” pop-up to your website is another way to bring your page front and center. This strategy promotes your social media platforms. A pop-up reminder to like your page stands out in a different way than when you added your “like” button to your website header.
17.  Post Promotions And Discounts: Utilize Facebook to advertise exclusive promotions and discounts. Be sure to include an image (more success to click-through rate). Your call to action needs to include liking your page to receive that 20% off special!
18.  Like Button On Your Blog: Another place to be sure to highlight your FB page is your blog. Adding a like button on your blog simplifies the process for your readers (who you hope to convert to customers)! Facebook makes it super simple by providing a piece of code to use to download the Like Box Plug-in.
19.  Facebook Insights: Utilizing the Facebook Insights tool can give you valuable information. You can better understand the people who like your page. This will reveal the content that resonates with them and will help shape your future content posted. Facebook Insights allows you to connect better with your customers.
20.  Promoting Your Posts: The Facebook Ads Tool will help you connect with people in your target audience. Promoting your posts can lead to a larger audience than just promoting your general page. This, in turn, should convert to more likes on your page.


I am confident that as you continue to add more and more of the methods shared in this blog, you will soon see more likes on your FB page. Just remember to always have a call to action on every place potential customers visit you (traffic points). It would be great to hear how you’re doing as you try out these ways to increase your likes!


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