20 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Likes - Part 1

20 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Likes - Part 1

Deb Martens - Tuesday, May 23, 2017

You may be asking yourself, “What’s with all the hype to increase Facebook likes on business pages?” In today’s social media world, it equates to building your email list. These are live people who can interact with your business 24/7. Therefore, this is a powerful tool for your business marketing.


Don’t worry if you’re just starting this venture. The following 20 tips are easily applied for old-timers and newcomers, alike!


  1. Facebook Ads: These are the easiest way to promote your “likes.” This guarantees pronounced visibility of your brand to a targeted audience. However, the ads pop-up in users’ feeds and they may not be looking for your product or service at the time (unlike Google Ads that are based on your search engine keywords). To be most successful with Facebook ads, I’ve found it important to use images with people. They are more appealing to the eye than a bright, big arrow and prove to have a higher conversion to click-through rate.
  2. Website “Like” Button: A simple way to increase FB likes is to add a like button on your website header. Make sure your button is easy to see. You can add a call to action that entices website visitors to click on your like button (i.e. Click here to view exclusive Facebook sales and special offers!) This is a maintenance free method to increase likes. You don’t have to change it and over time your likes will increase.
  3. Post Times Need To Be Optimized: There are a couple ways to increase your optimization for your post times. Do some research on your target audience and discover when they are most likely to be on Facebook. A good rule of thumb is to post around 9 a.m. and again from 1-4 p.m. Typically people will check their FB when they first get to work and again when they have a lull in their day. Weekends are also prime time to post.
  4. Complete Your “About Page”: Think about when you go to a business page, more than likely you like to learn as much as possible about the owner/creator if the business is new to you. Make sure all your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed. Make it easy for your visitors to learn about your business (location, hours of operation, contact information, and a short paragraph about your business (products/services).
  5. Facebook Live Is The Rage: Hosting a Q and A on Facebook Live is a fabulous way to increase your visibility. In real time, people can interact with you and engage with your business. Make sure to promote your live session on FB and other platforms. Your session will show the personality of your business. Provide the viewers with engaging content and they will be sure to like your page to receive notifications of your next FB Live events.
  6. “How To”s: Be certain to post “how to” videos. Show people how to use your products in new and creative ways. For example, if you sell organic food products, try posting a video of a creative recipe using your products. The more creative and applicable your videos are, the more likes you’ll get on your page.
  7. Ask For Your Email List To Like Your Page: Use your existing email list and send them an “update.” Include your call to action to like your Facebook page. Be certain to include that your special offers, exclusive events, and more will be posted through your FB page.
  8. Customer Reviews: Don’t be shy in asking your customers to review your company. Your FB profile is one of the first ways people learn about your business. The more reviews you have online, the more credibility that is established for your business. This will drive traffic to FB and thus resulting in more likes on your page.
  9. Trending Topics: Content, content, content is the name of the game! Posting blogs, short blurbs, etc. on trending topics will draw more attention to your business. Just keep in mind that your content posts need to be relevant to your products/services!
  10. Customer Support Questions: An easy way to build relationships and credibility on your FB page is to answer your customers’ questions (in a timely manner). This shows you are knowledgeable, that you value your customers, and that you have an active page. Customers who receive good support from you will tend to like your FB page and it encourages others to do so, too.
  11. A Behind The Scenes Look Into Your Business: Give your “fans” an opportunity to see your authentic self. Use your FB page to show your office space, the culture of your team, or maybe the production of a new product! This genuine approach may not convert to numerous likes but you will prove yourself engaging and people will appreciate that.
  12. Use A Variety Of Methods To Share Your Content: Don’t fall into the “same old, same old” trap. Always put yourself into the role of the customer. Do you like to see new and creative content sharing? Do you quickly get bored with text only? Be sure to change things up with high quality pictures and graphics. VIDEO is extremely engaging! Don’t shy away from that camera.
Applying these tips will help you get a solid start to increasing your Facebook likes. Stay tuned next week for Part 2 of this blog so you can learn eight more tips!


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