Deb Martens - Thursday, April 13, 2017

In our last post, I shared six tips on running a successful Facebook group. Are you ready for the next four? Grab your notes from last time and add to them as we go.

  • STRONG LEADERSHIP: You may be surprised at how much time it takes to run a successful Facebook group. You’ll need to be very active within your group. You won’t want to lose group members because of others’ inappropriate behavior or spamming. Keep the environment upbeat and informative. As your group grows, and depending on how much time you have, you may want to add group moderators (individuals you trust). Your strong leadership will help ensure a vibrant, successful Facebook group!
  • KEEP THE CONVERSATION ACTIVE: The group is counting on you to keep the conversation alive and active! Brainstorm some conversation starters and use them when the group gets quiet. You may choose to establish a theme for each day of the week so members know what to expect and can think about how they want to contribute to the group discussion. Be sure to start a new “thread” of discussion for each theme. Also, you might want to offer one day a week for your group members to share about their businesses. This empowers them as business owners and avoids the temptation of spamming.
  • USE APPS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE: Yes, we’ve discussed how time consuming it can be to run a successful group. Therefore, don’t shy away from using social media schedulers such as Hootsuite, Social Slack, or Edgar to automate some of your daily posts (inspirations, quotes, topic themes). Another great app to download to your phone is the Facebook Group App that allows for easy group management while you’re out and about.
  • PROMOTE YOURSELF: This is your Facebook group so don’t be afraid to promote yourself, your business, and your expertise in the group. You are providing a service for your group members and a sense of community. You bring gifts and talents to this group. Advertise your webinars, e-courses, workshops, your newest blog posts, and so forth. If for some reason you didn’t have the group members sign up for your email list before they joined, encourage them to do so as they participate in the group. This way you’ll continue connecting with the group members if the group changes or you choose to close it down.

Now you have ten proven tips to running a successful Facebook group. May you experience success and enjoyment as you engage in your group!

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