Deb Martens - Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with current customers and engage with potential, new customers. It takes dedication to run a vibrant Facebook but you will discover it is well worth the work. Take a moment to grab a cup of coffee, a notebook, and a pen. Settle in and learn some proven tips for running a successful Facebook group.


  • CLEAR PURPOSE: Why are you starting a Facebook group? Have you decided on group norms and guidelines? How much time will you dedicate to participating in the group? What do you hope for as a return on your investment of time? What would cause you to shut down the group? How will you measure success for the group? Carefully considering these questions in advance will help you lay a foundation for your group and avoid potential turbulence.
  • RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH: Join other Facebook groups (outside of your area of expertise so you have a fresh perspective in an area you want to learn about such as a hobby or special interest). Don’t just observe, make sure to engage in the group. What do you like about the group? What don’t you like? How much time are you spending in the group? Does the group keep your interest? What are the group dynamics? What do you perceive as challenges for the administrator of that group? You will have your own style and vibe in your group, but this research and participation will benefit you when your group starts!
  • CREATE AN ATTRACTIVE GROUP: Begin with your group’s name. Make sure your name is descriptive and compelling. In addition, your Facebook group description should be informative as well as captivating. You want your target audience to feel like they’re missing out on something amazing if they don’t join. Your images (header, cover photo, icon) need to match your brand. In this case, your audience will probably be more compelled to join your group because of your images and branding rather than relying only on your text.
  • ESTABLISH CLEAR GUIDELINES IN ADVANCE: Remember, this is your group. Make sure to emphasize what you DO want as much (or even more) as what you DON’T want. Encourage your audience to participate, ask questions, and provide feedback. You’ll want to discourage promotion of their businesses (spamming). Be clear that unacceptable behavior will be cause for them to be removed from your group (immediately). It’s important to post the group guidelines in several places. You can tag them onto your group description, create the guidelines as a stand- alone post, and include them in the “files” section of your group.
  • INVOLVE THE RIGHT PEOPLE FROM THE BEGINNING: You’ll need to recruit people to join your group. Make sure you have a diverse population and you sense a good mix in the group members. Act with integrity. Don’t “poach” people from other groups (remember how hard you work as business owner) and DO NOT add anyone without their permission. Use common courtesy when establishing your group.


You’ve learned the first five tips for running a successful Facebook. Stay tuned for part two to learn the final five tips!


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