10 Best Practices For Getting Your Emails Opened And Read

10 Best Practices For Getting Your Emails Opened And Read

Deb Martens - Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Even though we’re told time and time again not to judge a book by it’s cover, people do judge emails by their subject lines! Statistics show that 33% of email recipients decide whether to open their email based solely on the subject line. Therefore, it’s crucial to craft those subject lines in a catchy way so you increase your click-through rate.


Here are 10 best practices to get those emails opened and read!


•Familiar Sender Name: I admit that if I don’t recognize the sender name, more often than not, I do not open the email. I get weary with all of the spam that comes into my mailbox. I hardly have time to stay on top of true emails without spending energy in questionable ones. So even if you’re writing on behalf of your company, studies show that more emails are opened if you include a personal sender name. Try to stay away from addresses. A personal touch will carry you much farther than an address that isn’t connected to a live person. You want to allow your recipients to add your email address to their contacts.

•Keep It Simple: The shorter the subject line, the better. I recommend 50 characters or less. If it’s difficult for you to streamline your subject line, focus on the words that are necessary to convey your message. Do you really need to put “newsletter” or “update” in your subject line? In fact, many people opt out of opening emails when they see those words. By condensing your subject line, it allows readers to fully scan the entire line rather than dismissing it because it’s too wordy.

•Segment Email Lists: Even though it may be tempting to send out an email blast to your entire list, it may frustrate or confuse your recipients. Taking a little extra time to segment your list can prove to an increased click-through rate. If people just signed up for your newsletter, they may be confused to receive a case study filled with statistical data. If someone is single, he/she may become frustrated to receive a “family discount” coupon for your business. Taking the time to ensure the emails are relevant to people on your list can prove beneficial.

•Timing Is Everything: Sending out emails at the right time is definitely part of the recipe to success to having them opened. For instance, if you own a restaurant and offer special happy hour rates from 6-8 p.m., sending out that email around 4 p.m. could just entice people to come your way! Take a moment to strategize when is best to highlight what you’re offering.

•No Empty Promises: Whatever you put in your subject line must be something you can and will follow through. Nothing will upset your readers more than if the subject line deceives them and you can’t make good on your promises.
•Say What’s Inside: In a similar manner, it’s important to share what’s inside the email. “Your e-book awaits.” “Your free e-course is here.” “Your 25% off coupon is ready to redeem.”

•Action Verbs: Starting your subject line with an action-oriented verb is similar to a call to action. It evokes a sense of urgency and engagement. For instance, “Sunday Brunch special this week only” doesn’t create a call to action. “Dine with us Sunday and enjoy a fusion of multi-cultural cuisine” immediately entices your reader to click-through.

•Compelling Questions: Lean into your readers by asking compelling questions. “What Can You Afford?” “Do You Know What You’re Doing Wrong On Your Website?” “Why Do You Always Feel Tired?” Just make sure that your subject lines are relevant to your customers’ buyer personas.

•Numbers Are Valuable: People connect with numbers. Numbers are eye-catching in subject lines and they establish credibility in your readers’ minds. Email subject lines are similar to blog titles. You can use numbers for discounts, the title of a listacle, a numerical benefit of what you’re sharing in your email, and so on. “Join over 500 people at the annual gala.”

•Sense Of Urgency: We all know that humans like to procrastinate. I’m often guilty of procrastinating. Creating a sense of urgency in your subject line increases the chances of your emails to be opened. “48 Hour Flash Sale Ends Saturday At Midnight.” “24 Hours To Book Your Office Party To Receive 20% Off.”
It’s simple, if your emails aren’t opened; they’re not getting read. You have valuable content to share with your readers. Prove how amazing your content is through best practices as you craft your subject lines!
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