QCan you help me find photos for my website | online business?

Yes! We will reserve part of your project cost to spend on stock photography. We use quality images from Adobe Stock.  We also have professional photographers and videographers available to produce custom photography and videos for your website.  Custom photos and videos go a very long way in creating a professional image for your business as well as positioning you as the expert in your industry.  We recommend you take advantage of this service.

QCan you help me update my existing website that another firm built?

We only support websites we have fully built or those built on the Wordpress or Adobe Business Catalyst platforms.   The reason we have this policy is so that we can stand 100% everything we build.  Many issues come up as different developers touch code over time.

QCan you help me write content for my website?

Yes! We include copywriting and editing services in all of our proposals.  We will also build your site to best highlight your content during our planning stage.

QCan't my cousin Bob who is a graphic designer do my SEO?

Your cousin can probably cook you and your partner a steak for Valentine's Day but you would probably go to a restaurant instead.  Designers are just that, designers.  Designers are very good at looking graphics and colors and how they should go together but they often underestimate the importance of SEO and usually misunderstand it. Sometimes designers will think that SEO should be done once the site is built and then realize that for some reason the site isn't indexed by Google. SEO must be a part of website design from the beginning to be effective, not a last minute though. A very good Designer can provide a great structure within a website built that works well for SEO but in most cases he/she will need an SEO expert to accomplish the SEO services.


QCan't Sally Jane, my daughter-in-law, who is a web programmer and developer do my SEO?

Many SEO professionals have worked with the web for a long time, most of them starting as web developers. However, their focus was on other non-technical SEO techniques such as adding image tags or meta descriptions or other onsite SEO tactics. Though a good web developer can provide about half the skills you need in order to complete a full SEO campaign. Most developers and programmers aren't aware of SEO services beyond common basics.


QDo I own my website?

YES!  Everything we build is 100% owned by you.  In fact, we recommend that if you are currently using another firm that you ask to manage your own domains (www.yoursite.com) and hosting.  Most of our clients stay with us for the life of the website.  We love our clients and they love us. But if for any reason you decide you want to take your website or online business to another hosting service or get another company to service your site, we will happily assist you in making the transition as smooth as possible.  Your website belongs to you and you're welcome to take it with you wherever you go. 

QDo you use any "black hat" or other shady SEO techniques and tactics?

No.  All our SEO services are done through valid hand-crafted submissions and links. We use only "white hat" legal tactics and consistent strategies approved as best practice by the internet marketing community.

QHow do I get to be #1 or at least on page one on Google?

In order to rank high on Google or any other search engine, there are a number of tactics (or actions that must be taken). If you are not on page one or ranking near the top you need to ask yourself?

  • Have I done SEO?
  • Do I have content on my website?
  • Do I consistently update the content on my website?
  • How often do I update my social media links?
  • Do I know what factors go into an SEO campaign?
  • Do I understand how search engine ranking works?
We specialize in putting together strategic SEO plans that can help you get the results you want on Google and other search engines. Contact us for a proposal.
QHow is my website backed up?

Fyrefly Media backs up all of our client's websites daily, weekly and monthly on rotation to the Adobe World Secure Systems server out of the location of our web server. The CMS we use (Business Catalyst) also includes version control that saves a restore point of a page every time it is saved. If a site is needed to be fully restored, there is no cost to the client.


QHow long does it take to build a website | online business?

Our standard websites take approximately 8-10 weeks to complete. If your site involves E-commerce (online store) or a Membership area, it will take approximately 10-16 weeks to complete.  Completion time varies from project to project depending on what your goals are.

QHow long does it take to move up on Google or see SEO results?

SEO can take a bit of time depending on what results you expect what for. We do all of our SEO campaigns for a minimum of six months. Some keywords (words the individual you're targeting searches for) might even take a year or more while others may work after weeks or months. Going through the process of researching the right keywords and understanding your market is imperative and something that we do with every one of our online business clients. In order to maintain your ranking once you've achieved it, it's an ongoing process much like any sport. If you don't continue your practice your skills (or ranking) will eventually fall.

QHow long has Fyrefly Media been building websites and Online Businesses?

Fyrefly Media began in 2011 by our CEO | Online Business Strategist, Daun Jacobsen. You can learn more on our about page.

QHow long will it take for my website to be indexed by Google?

Google may need anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple weeks to index your site (that is, allow it to show for your industry) without integrating SEO into your site build, it might never happen.  This is why we include onsite SEO in every project we complete no matter how big or small.


QHow much does building an "Online Business" or website cost?

The cost of bringing your business online can vary depending on various factors, just like the cost of a car may vary. Asking how much a website will cost is like asking, "how much does a blue car cost?" The answer depends on what type of equipment and engine power you need. Our standard online business projects generally start in the $5,000 range and move upward depending on your unique needs. You can see what we're able to do here, and check out our pricing table here.


QHow much does SEO cost?

Much like a website or online business, asking how much SEO costs is like asking how much a blue car costs? The answer is, "it depends. Do you want a blue Ferrari or a blue Yugo?" In order to determine how much your SEO campaign is going to cost, we first need to understand what you are trying to accomplish besides moving up Google for certain search words?  Are you trying to reach a new demographic? What industry are you in? What do you sell? How much competition do you have?  This is why we don't do any SEO without completing research and creating a strategic plan for each of our clients so you know where you currently stand, what your goals are, and how specifically we are going to reach them.  

Generally, we have three levels of SEO services that go along with our online business packages. You can see them here.  

Unlike most of our other services, we do offer SEO packages for websites that we have not built nor maintain.


QHow much does website hosting cost with Fyrefly Media?

We have simplified our hosting fees to three standard options.

These are based on standard need and use.  Some sites run more due to website content.

  • Silver Site built on WordPress run $249.99/yr
  • Gold Site built on Business Catalyst run $599.98/yr.
  • E-Commerce Platinum Site built on Business Catalyst run $999.98/yr

All of our hosting packages are metered meaning that you are provided a set limit of data and are charged "extra" for going over "limit."  You can see how much data your site includes on our pricing page.  

Our yearly package also includes the cost of upgrading your site and patching with security fixes when needed as well a occasional and small web site content changes and email support.


QI have so many ideas about where I want to go with my business but I have trouble executing. Can you help with this?

Most creative individuals have a never-ending engine that churns out awesome (and big!) ideas every five minutes. You can think of Fyrefly Media as the manager and implementor of your ideas and plans. Putting rubber to the road, focusing, strategizing, getting a workable plan in place for where you want to go and making sure we get there is what we do best. We get things done. Period. As long as you know what you want to do and where you want to go, we'll take the lead and make sure you get there.


QI'm new to this "website, online business" thing. How does the whole process work?

That's why we're here. You can learn about the stellar process we've put together over the last five years in our process section.

QIs my hosting fee refundable?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on web hosting although you may earn your web hosting free through our affiliate program.  Check that out here. 

QI've got a great idea about what I want to do, but I'm not sure where to start or what to do next. Can you help me?

We LOVE to strategize and put feet to ideas.  Our Online Business Strategists not only understand the web and how it works but are the best at mapping out a plan that can get you exactly where you want to go. Whether that includes planning, designing and managing your entire website hub, new branding that better highlights your values, setting up and running a launch, creating a sales funnel, writing content, articles or blog posts, or posting to social media. We are your go to.  We don't create websites or one off projects, we build online businesses that work to bring you measurable leads that turn into sales.  We can make whatever your dreams are come to life and produce the income you know they can.


QWhat are you named Fyrefly?

Our CEO and Chief Strategist, Daun Jacobsen, formed Fyrefly Media as part of Fyrefly International in 2011. Daun believes every person is born with unique gifts and talents for the purpose of serving the world. Daun's gift of communication enabled her to stand in the gap between technical programmers speaking coded language and business owners who simply want to do what they do best and grow their bottom line. Inspired by the fireflies she saw as a child visiting Chicago, Daun named the business Fyrefly - we build websites and online businesses that work. We help you take flight online and enable you to outshine your competition.

QWhat does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization while SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing but it's not only about search engines. See here for more information.

QWhat is SEO?

SEO is constantly changing. Awhile back, a good definition of SEO might be: Everything done to ensure your business or name is found on the Internet and to make sure that visitors to your website or pages (traffic) turns into sales.  There are many different tactics that go into SEO this is the reason that we don't do anything without determining your unique goals and creating a strategic plan to achieve them with measurable tactics over a period of time. Read more about our SEO services here.

QWhat platform do you build websites and online businesses on?

We build all of our standard online businesses, large projects and e-commerce websites using the Adobe Business Catalyst content management system (CMS).  Business Catalyst is a robust all-in-one system that makes running your website, blog, email-marketing and customer records a snap.  You can see a quick video tour here.

Our smaller projects and websites are built using the open-source CMS (content management system) Wordpress.   We also provide on-location and local training and classes on building your own Wordpress site.  You can check that out here.

QWhat types of clients do you work with? Am I big enough? Small enough?

We work with all sizes of clients; big clients, small clients and one-person operations (solopreneurs).  Our clients are all over the United States and Canada, some around the world all in different industries. We've worked with coaches, consultants, accountants, therapists, doctors, dentists, local businesses, manufactures, artists, authors, mompreneurs, real-estate agents, non-profits and many other business owners looking full a full-service online marketing team that will partner with them to bring their business to the next level by fully leveraging everything the internet has to offer.

QWhen are payments due?

Your project will start with either a 40% down payment or a 10% hold fee.  After Design Sign-off, we collect 30%.  Once we have completed the scope of your project, the final 30% is collected and then your website is scheduled for launch.

If your project contains ongoing consulting, SEO or other items.  You will be placed on monthly ACH withdrawal (you are free to choose the date) for the term of your contract.

QWhere is my website hosted?

All sites built by Fyrefly Media are hosted, created live and must live on our servers. If at any time you wish to move to a new web firm + web host, we will pack up your site files for you and send it to your new firm.  Once your site is transferred however, we will no longer be able to support it. The company we use for web hosting is dependent on whether your site is built with Wordpress or Business Catalyst. All Wordpress sites are hosted with a Siteground. We are housed in the Denver, US data center.  All Adobe Business Catalyst sites are hosted with Adobe World Secure Systems in their Denver, US data facility.

QWho will I work with during the project?

This is a very good question, one you should always ask anyone you work with for Web services.  Many firms will use interns or freelancers to complete their work and leave you to communicate with someone who is not always ready for your questions. At Fyrefly you will work with one Online Business Strategist during the planning phase of your project and then transition to one Project Manager for the rest of your project and beyond. You can always reach ALL of us by emailing hello@fyreflymedia.co and you'll always get someone right here in our North Idaho office. We are a tight knit team that knows each other's job roles and where your project is at at all times. Any of us can help get you to the right person on our team.

QWhy do I show up as #1 when I search but when my wife/friend/partner searches they don't find me?

You probably need to disable personalized search. Otherwise Google will serve you the results you most desire in the physical local you are currently in.


QWhy is SEO so expensive?

SEO is not a product, it's a service. It's a services that takes lots of time, resources and work to complete. In addition, SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are valuable services that are done specifically for the purpose of creating a return on investment. Building a website or implementing a campaign with SEO ensures you will generate leads and convert visitors into customers. Simply designing a website and building it or having it built does not do this for you.  Marketing in general is expensive because marketing is what you do to bring your business more revenue.  Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are simply online versions of what you likely already doing in your local market.

QWill I be able to make changes to my website content myself?

YES!  It used to be that most websites were built in HTML and required a web developer to go into the site to make any changes you wanted done.  With the rise of the Internet and online marketing it is MOST important to have access to your content and update your website as often as possible. This is the reason we so love the Adobe Business Catalyst system.  You are able to make every change you need, from updating your blog, to changing your pages, your team members, your menu, phone numbers, keep up on your newsletter, change your store inventory, check your customer records or otherwise simply by logging into one site.

QWill you build a website using the platform I choose like Drupal, Joomla or Concrete 5?

No. We work exclusively with Adobe Business Catalyst and WordPress.  We have spent much time and training on these platforms over the last several years and have become experts that can provide extremely custom solutions for our clients.

QWill you provide a full copy/backup of our site if requested?

Yes and at no cost! You 100% own everything that Fyrefly Media creates for you and if requested we will provide a one-time full backup of your website. If additional backups are needed there is a minimal cost of generally $50 for 30 minutes of labor.

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