Much like a website or online business, asking how much SEO costs is like asking how much a blue car costs? The answer is, "it depends. Do you want a blue Ferrari or a blue Yugo?" In order to determine how much your SEO campaign is going to cost, we first need to understand what you are trying to accomplish besides moving up Google for certain search words?  Are you trying to reach a new demographic? What industry are you in? What do you sell? How much competition do you have?  This is why we don't do any SEO without completing research and creating a strategic plan for each of our clients so you know where you currently stand, what your goals are, and how specifically we are going to reach them.  

Generally, we have three levels of SEO services that go along with our online business packages. You can see them here.  

Unlike most of our other services, we do offer SEO packages for websites that we have not built nor maintain.


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